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Ho Ho Ho

December 24th, 2006 at 06:48 am

Hope everyone is having a great Christmas Eve so far!

I managed to do both things last nightSmile I baked two fruit cakes(they are wonderful, I swear!), 4 dozen snickerdoodles(dipped in red and green sugar...they look so good!), and pan of strawberry bars. I have everything place on my large Christmas patter waiting for my guests to sample tonight.

After I made all the goodies and cleaned my kitchen, I settled down and read one of the Christmas books I brought home. It was fairly small book, so it didn't take me long. While I read, I also watched my K.C. Chiefs(heart) beat the stuffing out of the the Raiders!WooHoo!
Anyway, I had a great and productive Christmas Eve Eve.

This morning I'm off to church. Unfortunetly, it will be a spend dayFrown I'll pay my tithing(budgeted so I don't actually consider it a "spend"), but my big expense will come when I pick up my large meat and cheese deli, bread, and chips this afternoon. Oh well, it's gotta be done! This is "my" holiday. In my family we all take turns hosting each holiday. That way the work and expense are spread out evenly. Christmas Eve is my holiday. Christmas day at my Mom's. Christmas evening at FIL's. Easter at my sister's. 4th of July at my aunt's. And, Thanksgiving is kinda always up in the air because my sister and I usually, but not always, spend Thanksgiving at our in-laws.
So, even though I have the mess and expense tonight. I don't have to mess with it again for another year!LOL

Well, I guess I ought go get dressed for church. Hope everyone has a great day!

2 Responses to “Ho Ho Ho”

  1. Amber Says:

    Wow I wish I can have some of your goodies, I love snickerdoodles

  2. janH Says:

    Hubby loves snickerdoodles. I'll have to remember the red and green sugar for next year!

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