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WOO HOO! 5 payday's in January!

December 30th, 2006 at 11:15 am

I was just getting everything sorted and ready to go for next month's budget when I realized we get 5 paychecks in January! We happen to get paid on Wednesday and there are 5 of them in January. Gotta love that! Of course, the extra money will go into the EF. Something always seems to come up that wasn't budgeted for....(rolling my eyes).

It's been a no spender here today(and yesterday too). Although, that could change. DH may want to go into town this evening and do our grocery shopping. He can't stand sitting around the house doing nothing. It depends on the weather, though. Right now it is rainy and yucky. I have no desire to get out and shop in this mess.

Frugal things I've done today...

#1 Even though I said yesterday that we had used all of the Christmas leftovers, I was still able to glean one more ham sandwichSmile for my lunch.

#2 I almost bit the bullet and bought the mvelopes computer program for my budget. However, I decided that with just a bit more effort on my part, I could save the money and do my budget on paper. Personally, I like the old fashioned method anywayWink

#3 I had several bananas that were starting to head south. So, I checked my cupboards and sure enough! I had the ingrediants to make Banana Pudding...DH's favorite! Not only were my bananas getting a little ripe, but the vanilla waffers were a bit stale.
Perfect makin's for naner puddin'.

4 Responses to “WOO HOO! 5 payday's in January!”

  1. disneysteve Says:

    December was my "extra" paycheck month. I get paid every other Friday, so 12/1, 12/15 and 12/29. I sent a nice extra payment on our home equity loan this week to get it in before the end of the year.

  2. PRICEPLUS Says:

    Extra paycheck months are always kind of neat!Smile

  3. Amber Says:

    Yes they are the best Smile

  4. crazyliblady Says:

    I saw your post about the mvelopes system. I found this great free budget spreadsheet at http://www.bankrate.com/msn/news/debt/debtguide2004/home-budget-tool1.asp.

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