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Frugal things I've done today 1/8/07

January 8th, 2007 at 06:07 pm

Frugal things I've done today:
#1 Packed lunches for myself and the two girls today.
#2 Drank water all day after my morning coffee.
#3 I got home later than expected this evening. It would have been sooooo easy to stop somewhere and pick up dinner but I didn't! I pulled some already browned and seasoned ground beef out of the freezer, opened a can of refried beans, chopped some lettuce, and put together a quick meal of burritos(a family favorite).
#4 Packed lunches for the girls and myself to take to school tomorrow.
#5 Got oatmeal ready to go for tomorrow's breakfast. Killing two birds with one stone here. Oatmeal is very frugal AND a very healthy breakfast!
#6 Got tomorrow's laundry started and only used 1/2 the amount of detergent the manufactorer recommended.

Not so frugal things I've done today:
#1 Spent $31 on school supplies for DD and DS.
#2 Spent $27 on haircuts for myself, DS, and DD#1. However, I didn't pay for a trim for DD#2. She's only 8 so I can successfully trim her hair and she doesn't care yet. Also, didn't have to pay for a haircut for DH. I trim his hair too. I can make it look just as nice as a professionalWink

2 Responses to “Frugal things I've done today 1/8/07”

  1. lrjohnson Says:

    I think it's a great idea to give yourself credit everyday for frugal activities. This will help you build excellent habits.

  2. SicilyYoder Says:

    I eat oats alot too- I do different variations, like raisins and brown sugar or maple syrup and pecans.

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