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January 10th, 2007 at 02:44 pm

Here's my January spending so far:

1/1 Food and Household(didn't separate these for some reason?) $115.11
1/3 Insurance(car)$80.56
1/3 Electricity $98.66
1/4 Food $32.47
1/7 Food $54.73
1/7 Tithing $50.00
1/7 Household $25.97(trashbags, shampoo etc)
1/8 Water $32.40
1/8 High speed internet $39.00
1/8 Lunch money for DS $15.00
1/8 School supplies(DD had to have art supplies from an art store) $31.00
1/8 Haircuts for myself, DS and DD $30.00
1/9 School lunch for myself(not sure, around $2.60..it's taken out of my account)

Pretty good so far for a family of 5Smile I probably won't need to spend any money tomorrow or Friday. On Saturday we are going out to eat, but we have a gift card from Christmas to use.

3 Responses to “Totals”

  1. boomeyers Says:

    As a family of 5 here too, your spending looks pretty great! Hard to keep the food costs down, is'nt it? Why do those kids have to eat so much? Mine are ALWAYS hungry! I even bought the generic JUMBO ice cream today for $3.50. Wonder how long it will hold them off??

  2. SicilyYoder Says:

    I LOVE to see that you have tithing on there- I get sooo many bad looks when people see my budget and I have tithing on there-I have been sooo faithful to God over the years and I cna say that He has always provided for me. When I was taking care of my dad and in college, and we hd just moved into my house, I had rented( would never do it now-it was a dumb idea) my couch that made a bed and a tv( dad loves tv, as he is in a wheelchair and doesn't get around much.) I had been double-tithing, and that particular week, I had only my double-tithe left after buying groceries. I prayed that they wouldn't come get the couch in the snow, as I had nowhere else to sleep. They did come and get it- even the neighbors were astounded. Well, I prayed about it, and the following weekend,a t church, my dear church sister, Beth, told me that she had some beds and a counch, and dishes( which I needed- only had 2 plates.) There was a contest at the local store for a free tv, so I entered it. Well, I didn't win the tv and Beth and her husband came to bring the counch and 2 bunk beds- one for me and one for my 2 little nieces who loved spending the night with me. The dishes were Christmas dishes with pretty green and red flowers- and Beth brought Christmas gifts for the girls. They left because they had to get the bed slates cut at the local lumber store. When they came bakc they had a tv and a tv stand!!!! I still have that tv and I jsut got rid of the couch several months back because it was really breaking down and mom gave me another blue one for free- it was so hard to part with it because it was so special since God had answered my prayer by having Beth to think about me. Also, Beth's sister had Rite-Aid to give me a $100.00 shopping spree for Christmas and I used it to get pots, pans, etc, that they had since it was Christmas time. I never forget how God granted my prayers.

  3. SicilyYoder Says:

    I've tried to correct my typos but it keeps saying, "error on page." I type way to fast.

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