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No spender and weekly menu

January 21st, 2007 at 12:24 pm

Because of the weather it's been ANOTHER day at home. So, no spendingSmile Luckily the temp is up today so some of the thick ice and snow are melting to some degree. I'm glad I have had plenty no spending days this month because we have FOUR doctor appointments this week...ouch!

I haven't done much of anything today. I browned about 4lbs of ground beef and put it into the freezer for future meals. BTW, this is a wonderful tip for anyone cooking at home with limited time. Now, any recipe that calls for ground beef, I already has a lot of the work already done. For example, if I were making spaghetti this week. All I would have to do is pull out the already browned ground beef and add it to the sauce. It's perfect for crock pot meals. Just throw everything in the crock pot because your meat is already browned.

I also planned my menu for the week. I usually only plan 5 meals a week. The two remaining nights will either be leftovers, a bowl of cereal, or "any man for himself" meal.
#1 Aztec Chicken over rice(great crock pot meal), salad
#2 Spaghetti Pie(made with leftover spaghetti I have in the freezer), garlic toast, green beans, salad
#3 Roast(again, crock pot), baked taters, biscuts, Cal. mixed veggies
#4 Burritos with fixin's
#5 Frito pie(make with leftover chili I have in the freezer), apple sauce

3 Responses to “No spender and weekly menu”

  1. Somerlyn Says:

    That is a great tip, I do that as well. I get home from work when most of America is eating dinner. I Crock-pot it a lot so we're not eating at 8:30 at night. Great menu plans too.

  2. LittleGopher Says:

    I brown and freeze my ground beef, and also put my crockpot to use several times a week. What time savers! Your meals sound delicious!

  3. robex Says:

    I do this too! I also buy chicken pieces in large family packs and freeze them in our family sized portions in freezer bags. Before I put the bags in the freezer I add marinade into the bag. When I take them out to defrost the pieces are already marinading. Anything to save time on a busy work day!

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