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Costly weekend and menus

January 28th, 2007 at 12:30 pm

Well, I've had a VERY costly weekend...for me anyway! Friday I got my van back from the body shop and left my big fat $500 check with themFrown But, my van really does look nice. Unfortunatley, we haven't had ANY warm weather so we are going on week #3 with ice still on the ground and roads. Hopefully I won't wreck again before the thaw.
Friday night we picked up carry out. We had a $10 gift card so the meal "only" costed us $15. Yesterday I did grocery and household shopping. I walked out of Wal-Mart with $210 dollars worth of food and household supplies!! YIKES! In my defense, I was reimbursed by hubby and kids for $55 of that. Also, I haven't made a "real" shopping trip in close to 3 weeks because of the weather. We were out of everything! You know, furance filters, deoderant, tampons(for 2 of us gals), shampoo, toothpaste, soap...you get the pictureWink
Last night our church group went out to dinner to plan this year's activities. DH didn't go(he stayed home with kids), but it still ended up costing me about $15 for the Chinese buffet. Some of that was extra tip money I put in because I didn't think that some of the other's in my group tipped well enough.
Anyway, I'm glad this costly weekend is about over!LOL

Here's my menu plan for this week. I only plan 5 meals for the week. That leaves 2 nights for leftovers or "any man for himself" evening. Some of these are a repeat from last week. I ended up not closely following my menu last week because of some free leftovers from my sisSmile
#1 Beef Pot Pie(made from leftover roast, carrots, taters, and gravy), biscuits, and salad
#2 Polish sausage, mac and cheese, corn bread, and green beans
#3 Ravioli, garlic toast, frozen mixed veggies,
#4 Frito Pie and applesauce
#5 Potato soup, grilled cheese, baby carrots w/ranch dressing

1 Responses to “Costly weekend and menus”

  1. LuxLiving Says:

    Your menu sounds great and is close enough to my style of cooking that I'm ...stealing....*cough* I mean, borrowing it!! I've already got about 90% of the stuff on hand and have to go to the grocery sometime this week anyway to get bread for lunches, so I can pick up the rest.

    THANK YOU!! Half the trouble is the brain-power required.

    Last week I gave FrugalSon a blank menu planner and let him fill out thirty main-dish meals for me. I plan on doing the same to Hubster & CashHappy and then cross-ref them to come up with a nice postable & reusable list.

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