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Getting back in the groove

February 3rd, 2007 at 09:29 am

I haven't blogged much in the past week. DD has had the flu and between working, doctor appointments, and taking care of her and the rest of my family, I just haven't had much time. I guess it's called "being a mom"Smile

Anywho, I'm pretty proud of myself this morning. Since DD is feeling better and DH, DS, and DD#2 are gone out of the house, I wanted to jump right in on my computer and start reading everybody's blogs! I'm having blog withdrawl!!LOL BUT, I made myself do my housework FIRST! Now, my house is nice and clean...well, as clean as it's gonna get anyway, so now I can sit down and relax and read the blogs without feeling guilty! I still need to do some budgeting and grocery shopping today, but I enjoy doing those things so I don't have to push myself to get them done.

Have a great weekend everybody! I'm looking forward to getting caught up with everybody this weekend!

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