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I'm saving myself $20 today

February 6th, 2007 at 05:13 pm

How? Well, I have a neice(Erin) who is a dancer. She's had a couple of dance performances in the last couple of weeks that I couldn't attend. I NEED to make it to at least one performace. Tonight she's performing at 9:00pm at our local high school basketball game's half time. She will not have another performance until the spring recital in May which will cost $20 per ticket. Wellllll, I've decided to go to the performance tonight and skip the one in the spring. Okay, since I'm an employee of the school district I get an "activity card" which gives me free entrance into all district activities(I also can bring a guest with me for free). So, instead of paying $20 this spring to watch a whole bunch of girls that I couldn't care less about, I will get into today's basketball game for free and be done!! Plus, since my children go to school in the district I know practically every kid playing along with his/her parents(girls and boys games tonight) BTW, I can't begin to tell how much money I've saved with the activity card since my DS is a football player and wrestler(he's not wrestling this year because of a broken leg).
Man, I just LOVE a great deal!Smile

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