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Trying to teach a bunch of kids the value of a dollar

February 8th, 2007 at 04:38 pm

Okay, I'm not sure how many of you have read my blog enought to know this, but I work at my children's elementary school(actually, only my youngest goes there now...the other two are Middle and High school aged).. I work in the library. Well, it's "Bookfair" time at school. Basically, Bookfair is something that Scholastic Books does as a profit for them and a fundraiser for the school. They send a huge display of books and kids and their parents buy them. The more books the kids buy, the more money the school(and Scholastic, of course) makes. We always have the Bookfair in the library, which means that the responsibility of the Bookfair falls on my boss and I. My boss and I are both frugal people(which is one of the reasons we get along so well!LOL). I told her that in all good conscience I couldn't pump these kids up to buy a bunch of overpriced books. Especially when we have several of them in our library. She agreed 100% Soooooo, I pulled our books from the shelves that the Bookfair was offerning and told the kids that they shouldn't buy the books that we already have in the library because it made better sense to buy ones that we DON'T have and then check out the ones we do have. I'm sure Scholastic wouldn't appreciate me discouraging kids to buy their books, but I don't care!LOL Anyway, I felt good knowing that I advised the kids to make smart money choices.Smile

1 Responses to “Trying to teach a bunch of kids the value of a dollar”

  1. Money changes everything Says:

    Oh do I understand what you mean. Yes, I DO!

    We have a few kids ourselves. We send money with them for bookfairs. Our son actually brought home a book that he paid 15.00 for. I gave him 20.00 to spend. 10.00 on hiself and 10.00 on his brother who is 3 years old. He brought brother home a book marker. Well, I grocery shop at Walmart. My DH decided to tag along to see if Walmart had the book that my son bought. Indeed, the very exact one. The price, 7.98.

    That is wonderful of you to pull the books that the library already offered. Smile

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