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Planning on a nice evening:)

February 10th, 2007 at 10:45 am

Our weather in SE Kansas has been just horrible this winter! This is the worst winter I can remember and it's not over yet. The weather predictions are calling for at least 2 more winter storms before the month is over. Then, we still have March. We usually don't get REALLY bad weather in March, but it's not unheard of to get a big snow in March. Anyway, with the bad winter storms we've been having(ice and snow have been on the ground for a month now...very unusual) and the very bitterly cold temps, we just haven't made it out of the house much in the past couple of months. So, DH and I decided to head to Joplin Mo(about 20 miles from here) and go out to eat and use a gerenous gift card we got for Christmas. DD#1 needs a new pair of tennis shoes(sneakers for those of you in other parts of the countryWink) so we'll hopefully find a good deal on those. We'll probably just walk around the mall and browse without buying anyway. Of course, there's some awesome clearance sales going on right now, so we might find something we can't pass up.

So, tonight will be a small spend night(shoes for DD#1) but it's a night we're all looking forward to! Even DS who rarely wants to spend a Saturday evening with his parents anymore!Smile

1 Responses to “Planning on a nice evening:)”

  1. boomeyers Says:

    Being just up the road from you (in St. Louis tee hee!) I agree this has been an interesting winter. At least we finally GOT some winter!
    I used to go to school in Springfield!
    Hope you had fun browsing the mall.

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